This RX7 was bought around October 2015 by Jon-Christian Aardal in Norway and the goal was to have it ready for the 2016 season. The owner is well known for his taste in previous builds, they all turned out to be clean and spot on perfect. The goal of this project is to result in something even better than any of his previous builds. The engine is newly restored and now has turbo, apex seals and a new clutch. There´s also mounted a V-Mount intercooler and the car is mapped to around 320 hp. In a small car like this, it’s more than enough to have some fun.

The plans for this build are among many things air suspension, rims and some wider fender(Rocket bunny or Origin overfenders). The car needs a lot of body work and of course a new paint job. The owner did most of the bodywork himself, but the paint job has been assigned to someone else. Since the owner is aiming for a clean build, there´s a lot of holes that needs welding, like the antenna mount, old spoiler mount and so on. This process is time consuming, but the end result really depends on the basic groundwork, so it has to be perfect. Sanding the paint down, welding what needs to be welded, smoothing the welds out as much as possible, apply filler and sanding it down to a smooth straight surface.


The rims that he chose were GMR DS1 – 18×10,5 ET4 in front with Federal RS-R 245/35-18 and 18×12,5 ET-2 with Federal RS-R 285/30-18 in the rear. They seem to fit perfect on the car, clean 5 spokes rim with a step lip!

When it came to ordering new fenders / wider overfenders he went with the original overfenders, because he really liked the look. It’s not too wide, but it gives that extra touch to the car and the price is not to bad either. After measuring up and figuring out where to cut the fenders it was all inn or nothing, there´s no way back when you first start. After some cutting and testing he could start mounting it and use filler to smooth out the edges. As you probably know by now the owner wanted a clean looking car and that´s why he wanted the fenders to look smooth and not like the usual way people widen their car with overfenders and rivets. A clean original look, just with the wider fenders.
As soon as the car was sanded down and all the imperfections were gone, it got delivered to get some coats of paint. He went for the same original black color, but without the metallic shine. Only a pure black color with a clear coat.

The paint job took more time than expected and sadly the result was awful. The car was wet sanded and the paint shop tried to rub it up but they failed. Luckily the owner is pretty damn good at correcting imperfections, so he took the job and sandet it all down, using different rubbing products to get the result he wanted. It takes time, but the end result is so much better. The goal was to have the car ready for the big automotive show in Sweden, Bilsport Performance and Custom Motor Show 2016 at Elmia. He had a spot on our stand, among 6 other cars. There was no doubt about showcasing this car at Elmia for us, because we know how the builds from Jon-Christian looks, always awesome and clean looking.


Since the 2016 season is over, the man has already started on some changes on the car for the 2017 season.