This is a story about a daily driven one family-owned Volvo 940, turned into a personal extension of the owner. The car started it’s life in my hands as a bone stock low milage 940. I got for cheap, due to missed PKK.


After it was passed, the urge to do modifications rapidly began to grow, beginning with claiming a set of rare OZ Futuras in 17×8.5″ and 17×10″.
Proper lowering was in need, but nothing is offered for this battle tank. We ended up with brand new shocks, cut in half and milled new ends to fit the now homemade strut tops for more camber and caster.
At this time half the car had a fresh paint job and the rare Volvo “add on” front lip as well.



This setup went on the Rudskogen track in 2012, wich ended in a engine total meltdown. A decision had to be made. Of course, I ended up building my very first engine, wich still works brilliantly to this day.


A part from the standard “red block”, it has a forged bottom end, custom flywheel and upgradedĀ pressure plate(850R-pressure plate), a fully build head with a custom cam from KM cams, custom IRX450-turbo from “Norsk Turboservice”, 3″ MAF, custom 3″ stainless exhaust and custom chips, as well as a custom wastegate running dual ports and a regulator inside the cabin.


Handling is taken care of with IPD’s thickest swaybars all around + panhard bar with poly bushes.
It’s hard to think, but these cars actually behave really well on track with very few money spent. Quite a few Evo’s and Impreza’s have had a white wagon in their rear view mirror.


When suspension and engine was taken care of, all I needed was a proper set of seats and a racy set of wheels.
Porsche GT3 with custom brackets does the job nicely, and BBS E26 keeps it looking even fresher.


They originally came from a TRD Motorsport Supra and measured 17×9.5″ and 17×11″ with front mountet front faces and reverse mounted rear faces. All from factory as a custom option. The rear inner barrels was in need of a cut and weld-job, removing 0.8″ in the process of making them fit.






As we speak, I see the end of this car, unfortunately. Luckily, one of my dream cars is sitting in my garage as we speak… Stay posted for pictures of a low Audi RS2!